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Landry Watson | Boise, Idaho


About Landry Watson

Landry Watson is a drummer from Boise, Idaho with over 12 years of experience as a drummer. He is also a guitarist, singer, and songwriter who enjoys mixing and playing music. Landry has worked in music and technology throughout his career. He has been drumming for over 12 years and has been in several bands. Currently, Landry Watson works as IT Field Support for FlexTechs and is the Owner and Operator of Pro Session Drumming. 

Landry has worked in technology, and music, for his entire career but, he did not necessarily plan this career path. Prior to working in those fields, Landry Watson attended Northwest Nazarene University, in Nampa, Idaho, where he received a general education with an emphasis on kinesiology. Kinesiology is the study of body movement, which is pretty different than the career path that Landry Watson had taken. 

In June of 2010, Landry began working for HP Computers in Boise, ID as a Tier 2 Technical Solutions Representative. He was working on troubleshooting various operating systems and programs such as Mac OS and Windows 7. Landry gained experience in this customer-facing role that has helped him throughout his career. Some additional responsibilities included providing first and second-level user administration support and application software support.  

After gaining some experience working in tech and general business skills, Landry Watson decided to begin his own company that utilized his skill set. Using his knowledge of websites and tech, Landry designed and built a professional website for his own company called Pro Session Drumming. Since Landry has over a decade of drumming experience, he offers people an online source for customized drum tracks for songs. 

On the site, a client can submit their song that needs drums, and Landry will discuss the ideas and influences the client wants for each song. He has the ability to provide a full drum kit stereo mix that is delivered in a .wav file within 48 hours. Landry Watson maintains a regular advertising campaign to gain customers, not just in Boise or Nampa, but nationwide as well. He continues to run the site and business to this day.

After two years of working solely on Pro Session Drumming, Landry Watson went back to Boise, ID to start working in technology again. In 2013, Landry became a Test Technician 3 for Experis (Hewlett Packard). He was responsible for the maintenance and support of printer firmware test scripts and test suites. Landry also was responsible for troubleshooting various software and printer hardware issues.

Landry Watson went on to work at HCL America (Micron) in 2017 before starting at Aquent LLC (Hewlett Packard) in Boise, Idaho. At HCL America, Landry was the Desktop Support Technician where he managed the computer workstations and solved any issues that arose with these devices. At Aquent, Landry was a Test Technician 3 and was responsible for maintaining and updating test cases for various projects and executing ad hoc testing.   

Now, as the IT Field Support at FlexTechs, Landry Watson provides IT desk-side support coverage. He also delivers troubleshooting support and technical assistance to end-users. Over the years, Landry has developed many specialized skills and an understanding of various operating systems and applications. 

When Landry is not working in tech or creating drum tracks for clients, he enjoys playing and discovering music. His favorite bands are The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Interpol, and Kings of Leon. Landry Watson has been in various original bands in Boise and Nampa, ID and has spent countless hours playing and making music. 

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